Pleasure House Point

Pleasure House Point, located just west of the Lesner Bridge and south of the Chesapeake Bay is 118 acres of water, tidal marsh, sandy shores and maritime forest. The shallow water estuarine environment of the property provides habitat for the iconic Chesapeake Bay blue crab and the Lynnhaven oyster. This high-profile property was once being considered for a large waterfront development, but with the help of the Trust for Public Land, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the surrounding community, the City has preserved one of the largest undeveloped parcels of land on the Lynnhaven River for generations to come.
Virginia Beach Audubon has been very active on this property since it was announced in 2012.  Field Trips by many especially the visitations by Steve and Julie Coari with help from Dianne Hinch, Keith & Karen Roberts, Jim Marcum, Brian Prendergast and a few others have identified over 122 species to date.  Below is a full list of the birds at this site and dates that they were sited.  Pictures throughout this page are from PHP shot by Steve, Keith, Brian and Julie.
Species Observed VBAS Member Species Observed VBAS Member
American Bald Eagle 9/8/2012 w/Dianne Hinch Heron, YCN 9/1/2012 Jim Marcum
American Bittern 10/10/2012 w/Dianne Hinch Hummingbirds (Rosy) 9/3/2012  
American Redstart 9/15/2012 w/Jim Marcum Ibis, Glossy 5/11/2013 w/LRN
Belted Kingfisher 9/1/2012   Ibis, White (Imm) 7/17/2013  
Bluebird, Eastern 2/5/2013 Jim Marcum Killdeer 5/4/2013 BIO Blitz
BlueJay 9/15/2012 w/Dianne Hinch Loon, Common Winter 2013 Kathy Spencer
Brown Creeper 10/10/2012 Jim Marcum Mockingbird 9/26/2012  
Brown Thrasher 9/26/2012   Northen Parula 9/30/2012 Julie Coari
Cardinal 9/1/2012   Nuthatch, Brown Headed 3/10/2013  
Carolina Chickadee 9/1/2012   Nuthatch, Red Breasted 9/28/2012  
Carolina Wren 9/1/2012 w/Jim Marcum Osprey 9/8/2012 w/Dianne Hinch
Common Nighthawk 4/1/2013 VBGOV/photo Oystercatcher, American 9/22/2102 w/Keith and Karen
Common Yellowthroat 9/15/2012   Pelican, Brown 9/1/2012  
Cormorant 9/1/2012   Phoebe, Says 10/6/2012 w/Brian Prendergast
Crow, American 9/1/2012 w/Jim Marcum Plover, Black Bellied 5/4/2013 BIO Blitz
Crow, Fish 9/21/2012 w/Dianne Hinch Plover, Semi Palmated 11/3/2012 Keith/Karen Roberts
Dove, Mourning 9/8/2012 w/Keith and Karen Purple Martin 7/14/2013 w/LRN
Dove, Rock 5/4/2013 BIO Blitz Rail, Clapper 9/1/2012 w/LRN
Dowitcher, Short Billed 9/22/2102 w/Dianne Hinch Rail, King 5/4/2013 w/LRN
Duck, Gadwall 11/11/2012 w/Dianne Hinch Sanderling 5/4/2013 Keith and Karen Roberts
Duck, Green Winged Teal 11/11/2012 Julie Coari Sandpiper, Least 5/11/2013 w/Jim Marcum
Duck, Lesser Scaup 3/14/2013 HRC/MN Sandpiper, Semi Palmated 7/18/2013 H. Hutchens
Duck, Merganser Common 12/14/2012 w/Dianne Hinch Sandpiper, Spotted 5/11/2013 w/LRN
Duck, Merganser Hooded 11/11/2012 w/Dianne Hinch Skimmer 9/22/2012 Keith and Karen Roberts
Duck, Merganser Red Breasted 11/11/2012   Sparrow Chipping 9/15/2012 w/Jim Marcum
Duck, Ring Necked 11/11/2012   Sparrow Nelsons  9/15/2012 w/Jim Marcum
Duck, Ruddy 11/11/2012 w/Dianne Hinch Sparrow, Lark 9/30/2012 Julie Coari
Ducks, Black 11/3/2012 Keith/Karen Roberts Sparrow, Saltmarsh Sharptailed 10/12/2012 Julie Coari
Ducks, Bufflehead 11/3/2012   Sparrow, Seaside 9/1/2012  
Ducks, Mallard 9/21/2012   Sparrow, Song 9/15/2012 w/Jim Marcum
Dunlin 11/3/2012 Jim Marcum Sparrow, Swamp 3/14/2013 HRC/MN
Eastern Kingbird 5/2/2013 Kathy Spencer Sparrow, White Throated 11/3/2012  
Egret, Greater 9/1/2012 w/Jim Marcum Swallow, Barn 9/26/2012 Jim Marcum
Egret, Snowy 9/8/2012 Jim Marcum Swallow, Tree 9/26/2012 Jim Marcum
Falcon, Peregrine 10/19/2012   Swift, Chimney 9/21/2012 w/Jim Marcum
Finch, Gold 6/21/2013 Kathy Spencer Tern, Caspian 9/8/2012 w/Dianne Hinch
Finch, House 9/28/2012 Jim Marcum Tern, Common 5/2/2013 w/LRN
Flicker, Northern 9/26/2012 w/Dianne Hinch Tern, Forsters 9/22/2102  
Flycatcher, Great Crested 9/15/2012 w/Dianne Hinch Tern, Least 5/4/2013 BIO Blitz
Gnatcatcher, Blue Gray 9/26/2012 w/Jim Marcum Tern, Royal 9/1/2012  
Goose, Canada 9/21/2012   Tern, Sandwich 7/14/2013 Keith/Karen Roberts
Grackle, Boat Tailed 9/26/2012   Titmouse, Tufted 9/21/2012 w/Dianne Hinch
Grackle, Common 5/11/2013 w/LRN Towhee, Eastern 9/8/2012 Marcum/Living
Gray Catbird 9/8/2012 w/Jim Marcum Vireo, White Eyed 5/11/2013 w/LRN
Grebe, Horned 3/14/2013 HRC/MN Vulture, Black 1/22/2013 Jim Marcum
Grebe, Pied Billed 9/21/2012 w/Jim Marcum Vulture, Turkey 9/26/2012 w/Jim Marcum
Grosbeak, Blue 9/8/2012 Jim Marcum Warbler Yellow Rumped 9/21/2012 w/Jim Marcum
Gull Bonaparte's 11/3/2012 Julie Coari Warbler, Black and White 9/21/2012  
Gull Laughing 9/21/2012 w/Keith and Karen Warbler, Palm 9/28/2012  
Gull, Great Black Backed 9/1/2012 w/Dianne Hinch Warbler, Pine 9/1/2012  
Gull, Herring 9/21/2012 w/Jim Marcum Warbler, Prairie 5/2/2013 w/LRN
Gull, Ring Billed 9/26/2012   Warbler, Wilson's 9/22/2012 Keith/Karen Roberts
Hawk Sharp Shinned 11/11/2012   Woodpecker Pileated 9/15/2012 w/Jim Marcum
Hawk, Cooper's 9/24/2012   Woodpecker, Downy 6/23/2013 Steve and Juklie
Hawk, Northern Harrier 9/22/2102   Willet 4/26/2013  
Hawk, Redtailed 9/21/2012   Wren, Carolina 9/15/2012 w/Jim Marcum
Merlin 12/26/2012 Brian Prendergast Wren, House 9/21/2012  
Heron, Black Crowned 11/22/2012   Wren, Marsh 9/26/2012 Jim Marcum
Heron, Great Blue 9/1/2012   Yellowlegs, Greater 9/22/2012 Keith and Karen Roberts
Heron, Green 9/1/2012   Yellowlegs, Lesser 5/2/2013 w/LRN
Heron, Little Blue 5/11/2013 w/LRN      
Heron, Tricolored 5/2/2013 Kathy Spencer YTD Total Species 8/1/2013 122